Glam Glitter Gel 'Sun Setter'
Glam Glitter Gel 'Sun Setter'

Glam Glitter Gel 'Sun Setter'

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👍Free from Harsh Chemicals & Parabens


✔ Very pigmented & long lasting

✔ Gel like buttery texture

✔ Easy application with less mess

✔ With Aloe, Vitamins C and E

✔ No creasing once applied

✔ Safe to use on eyes, lips & body


Why Glam Glitter eyeshadow gel?

Because unlike other glitters, these have no chunks of glitter, which can easily go out of control. So it's left out only for the pros! But we want something for everyone. 

The glam glitter gels include very fine texture of glitter which blends like a fairytale dream and sparkles like diamonds. The 3d effect makes them more magical. Beautiful highlights and lower tones are combined to create these dreamy colors! 

How to use?

Apply very little amount of the glam glitter gel and spread it evenly with a brush or fingers. They glide easily and are safe to use on lips, body and eyes!

Easily blendable and very pigmented

How to remove?

Once the glam glitter is dry, it stays on the area without creasing and with no mess. To remove, just apply water and the ingredients will activate to be removed with just one swipe.