Esha Ahmad, also known as Lady Esha in the world of beauty blogging and beauty entrepreneurship. The owner and founder of Esha Cosmetics, she is also an influential figure 


Esha was raised in a small city called Neuss in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Surrounded by family, nature & beauty, Esha's love for diy, organic living and all things beauty became an essential part of her life from a very young age. Whether it was creating a mix of essential oils for growing longer hair. creating diy at-home face masks for glow or searching for organic ingredients, she kept herself occupied with her hobbies after school.


Esha loves her charities and likes to keep it low key. She has a soft corner for children and the disabled, she is dedicated to be a constant supporter of Unicef and Save the Children. 

Her passion for doing good for society and her country has also seen her distribute food and clothing on the streets of small towns in Pakistan during her trips.

Esha constantly ensures her voice and influence are used to make a positive difference in the world. She is an advocate for natural and organic things and mixes it up with glam. She believes organic doesn't have to be boring. 


Esha's vision for organic skin and haircare range is ever increasing. As the world is moving towards better living and healthier lifestyle, she knows it's important for people to know what they are applying on their body. So she likes to keep it transparent and clean cut for the consumers.

Despite the press and collaboration requests, Esha Cosmetics decides to stay exclusively available online and on our Etsy store and expand further by the end of 2019 with more product range!