WHY I LOVE #EshaCosmetics



eshacosmetics lip scrub


"Not only does this lip scrub exfoliate dead skin off the lips but it keeps my lips soft and moist all day. All of this without any harm chemicals and parabens added is a bonus. I now use it every time before my makeup to plump up my lips for a perfect pout."

#EshaCosmetics ProductLip Scrub


hollywood glow scrub eshacosmetics


"As the name suggests, it really does what it says. Never fails to give me that hollywood glow on my whole body not just the face. Works great specially for lightening dark areas like knuckles and ankles. Evens out my skin tone while exfoliating the skin naturally. I use it twice a week and let t sit on my skin for a minute before I wash it off. Leaves skin looking very healthy and glowy. It made perfumes last longer on my skin too, love it."

#EshaCosmetics Product: Hollywood Glow Scrub 



"I love organic products with no harsh chemicals. I love how all products from Esha Cosmetics are made with so much love and care, I totally trust the brand. The Vitamin C Booster Mask brightens my skin instantly every time I use it. You absolutely can't go wrong with this mask. Forever on my beautycounter now."

#EshaCosmetics Product: Vit C Brightening Mask