Every time you put lipstick on, glosses, even lip balms or just pure vaseline, it causes your lips to change its natural pigment and go darker with time. This makes you codependent on these products because without it now you think your lips don't look as pretty!
The solution is: Start using lip scrubs! A good quality lip scrub with good ingredients will go a long way. It will remove chapped dead skin and keep your lips hydrated, plumped and in its natural color ❤️
It's recommended to add lip scrubs in your daily skincare regime. Rub gently on your lips in the morning and let the ingredients soak in. Make sure you use an organic scrub (just because that's where the world is moving) lol... No, seriously!
It helps your lip balm penetrate and make the lipstick look brighter too! And of course it helps to rebalance that lipid layer. If your lips are not exfoliated well and you continue using lip products, you are not going to like your lips in the long run.
It takes the life out of them, literally. There's nothing worse then dry and patchy lips! So put some life in your pout! ❤️
Considering how important lip scrubs are, we are soon launching our very first Esha Cosmetics Lip Scrub for our good-skin-lovers. With the best most effective ingredients to bring back the color of your natural lips and keep them hydrated. We are very excited to take you on this journey with us and helping you along the way to look your best naturally!. Stay connected and make sure you sign up to be the first one to know when we launch the Lip Scrub ❤️