Brittle nails, hair loss and dehydrated skin - it happens to all of us. And sometimes, no matter which shampoo or how many creams we apply, it never seems to help. That's because it's a reflection of what's going on inside.


Brittle, soft nails that are prone to splitting or tearing are not only annoying. It's a condition that can be caused due to numerous factors. It could be harsh nail removers, excessive use of soaps, there are some internal factors too. The common issue is the lack of iron. Increasing the iron in your diet is super important. Iron can be found in green vegetables and nuts.


Grease hair is the worst! They occur due to the excessive amount of sebum. As we know that zinc is naturally present in body. It helps our immune system and work to reduce the amount of oil in our hair and scalp. By eating enough foods which have zinc can increase the amount of working torwars the scalp secretions. Zinc is richly found in dark chocolates, seeds and red meats.


This term 'sallow skin' is used in beauty industry but normally, nobody knows the meaning. It means skin that refers to pigmentation and dull skin that makes your skin looks like it has lost its glow. The common issue is vitamins deficiency. Vitamins impacting how your skin looks, but it's easy to get it back on track and  looking gorgeous.                                                      Vitamin A: Orange fruits and vegetables                      Vitamin B : Meat.                                                               Vitamin C : Citrus fruits                                                        

To sum up, make sure you're having healthy and well balanced diet.

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