Do you want all your clothes to smell ah-mazing every time you open your wardrobe? Here's a quick tip to make it happen and it is very easy.

1. Take few cotton balls and spray a lot of perfume on them. Any perfume of your choice will do. We recommend citrus based perfumes as they can last longer when used inside the closet. Of if you are an Oud fan, then why not!  

2. Hold the 2 cotton balls or discs together creating a big ball of fragranced-cotton. Place a pair in each corner of your closet. 

3. This will not ruin your clothes, neither leave masks on the furniture if you join cotton pads/balls together keeping the sprayed side towards the inside. 

4. To ensure longer smell of the perfume, make sure your clothes inside the wardrobe are not packed together. There has to be space in between your hung dresses for this to work efficiently. 

It's as simple as that. Check your closet the next morning and all your clothes inside will be smelling delicious!

It keeps you organized, you dont ever have to worry about your clothes not smelling good ever again. And you get to keep the quality of clothes too because every time you spray perfume directly on your clothes, it takes away the quality of the fabric.

Hope you enjoy this tip, make sure you try it and let us know what your thought are on this? If you want to watch this in action.

Watch our Lady, Esha do this for you girls on our facebook group here---->