You must have probably heard about the notion; floss daily, clean your teeth twice daily and rinse! While this is true to keep your teeth healthy, it is also true that this might not be the solution for everyone.

If you have stained teeth or have a weird odour, it will not go away just by brushing your teeth. Brushing excessively and flossing can be very abrasive. Using baking soda can also be abrasive and harsh, it also does not penetrate between all your teeth.

So what is the best way to keep you mouth healthy for the long run, you ask? It's nothing other then Hydrogen Peroxide. Use 3% peroxide and swish. Its safe to do this every day or 5 times a week. Not only will this take away all bacteria, it will even improve your cavities.

Many dentists do not tell you any natural remedies instead take out all their dental tools and go straight in your mouth. Before you think you have to go for cavities, whitening or cleaning yet again, try using this product for a few weeks. See the results for yourself.

Your teeth are a living thing, they have the ability to heal themselves if you allow them. With the help of peroxide cleansing you kill all the bacteria that resides between the gums and the tongue. This is also a killer way of totally eliminating your bad breath. Doing this regularly with the help of a good diet that has healthy probiotics like a lot of green and yoghurts, will level up your hygiene.

You can carry on brushing, scrapping and using mouth washes etc but adding peroxide to your daily routine will step up your oral hygiene game. You dentist will be happy to see how neat and white your teeth look the next time, promise!