This Is What You Need If You Want To Age Like J.Lo

If there’s one statement that’s practically indisputable, it’s that J.Lo hasn’t aged in the last 20 years. Seriously, she looks the same now as when she filmed Jenny From The Block back in 2002. And if you want to age as gracefully as J.Glow, you need to work collagen into your daily regime.One of those important proteins is collagen, which helps keep skin looking plump and youthful, your nails strong, and your hair glossy. 

What is collagen?

“Collagen is the main protein component of our skin that gives structure to our dermis and connective tissues. Its’ ‘partner,’ elastin [which is another protein], gives elasticity to the skin,” says Graceanne Svendsen, senior esthetician at NYC’s Shafer Plastic Surgery. “It contributes to our skin’s natural barrier function, which is our protective moisture and bacteria-defending outer layer of our skin.

 When you need to start thinking about collagen

Collagen production is all fun and games until you hit the tail end of your 20s. Right around the time you’re blowing out candles on your 30th birthday, collagen levels have dropped by roughly 10%. By age 40, it’s reduced by about 20%. Things like sun exposure and free radicals only accelerate that drop, which is no bueno.

How to add collagen into your daily regime

Svendsen says that, since collagen declines as we rack up the years, it’s super important to foster new collagen growth via our beauty and skincare regimens. That ranges from protection via SPF and antioxidants to scientifically-backed ingredients that promote growth (like retinol) to more aggressive in-office treatments (like laser treatments and peels). There are also topical collagen-infused products that help replenish lost collagen.

What about collagen pills?

 Supplements are beneficial as they’re able to be absorbed into your bloodstream, where they can take action in the body, unlike a topical cream. Once they’re in your body, the collagen peptides stimulate fibroblasts, to encourage collagen production.

We hope you enjoyed reading and will add collagen in your skin regime.