The Skincare Step You Should Never Skip

Cleanse, tone and moisturize – anyone who knows anything about skincare knows these are the three steps to follow for better skin.A three-step guide seems so easy, right? But when you factor in the MILLIONS of products, all with different “miracle” ingredients. The thing is, you can slap on a ton of moisturizer and cleanse religiously.

Dry/ sensitive Skin

It’s no surprise to those of you with sensitive skin that you have to be careful with the products you use, and when it comes to picking your toner, it’s no different. Start by looking for the gentlest toner you can find, making sure that it’s alcohol-free and packed with natural ingredients. We love formulas with naturally awesome ingredients like Tea Tree, green tea, rose water, and Witch Hazel, the latter is an amazing extract that has anti-bacterial properties that will tighten and tone. Products that include hyaluronic acid and glycerin will also help support skin hydration making them ideal for you. Avoid harsh ingredients like salicylic acid or parabens as they could cause breakouts. Skin soothing ingredients like vitamin E and Aloe Vera are perfect as they help reduce the acidity of your skin, achieving a more balanced pH level to keep your complexion clear.

Avoid: Alcohol-based products

Key ingredients: Witch hazel extract, hyaluronic acid, aloe, vitamin E.

Normal/ Combination Skin

For you, a lightweight formula that will hydrate your drier areas but won’t leave your problem areas feeling greasy is ideal! Ingredients such as niacinamide and ceramides will help balance your skin’s pH levels, repair your skin and tighten your pores. Botanical oils will also work well for normal/ combination skin, as it will even out your complexion without the formula sitting too heavily on your skin. Look for plant-based oils high in linoleic essential fatty acids, like borage and evening primrose, which help to control sebum production, moisturize, calm and soothe.

Key ingredients: niacinamide, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, evening primrose.

Acne prone skin

For oily or acne-prone skin, a good toner is essential. Look for a toner that gently exfoliates as this will help shed dead surface skin cells that could block your pores. When combined, salicylic acid, AHAs, and glycolic acid work together to take down blemishes by cleaning deep into pores and getting rid of any dirt or toxins. Natural ingredients like ginseng, rose or chamomile will help to reduce inflammation and tighten your skin, and are all bursting with antioxidants that will help to keep free radicals at bay.

Key ingredients: AHAs, salicylic acid, and ginseng.

Aging Skin

For those of you who have slightly more mature skin and want to turn back the clock, you need a toner that will moisturize and simultaneously rebalance your skin. Toners infused with ingredients similar to your moisturizers such as natural botanicals and peptides, which are bursting with antioxidants are great for aging skin as they help neutralize free radicals that cause your skin to sag and age prematurely. Nourishing ingredients such as honey extracts and almond oil are ideal, as they will replenish your skin, giving it a more even tone.

Key ingredients: Natural botanicals, antioxidants, almond oil, honey. 

We hope you enjoyed reading and don't forget to look after your skin. 

Love 👄