Let's talk 'skin' and what the best face mask would be, if you are looking for instant glow!


The world is all moving towards everything organic whether its food or skincare! And you have every reason to do so too.

This one simple DIY mask is what we love applying every week to give our glam girls some instant glow and face lift. And we pride ourselves in creating products that show amazing long-term results.


1 Spoon Rose Water

1 Spoon Lemon Juice

1/2 Spoon Vit-C Booster Mask

 Mix up all the ingredients into a paste and apply on skin. Cover the t zone area specifically. You can leave this on for 12 minutes.

This mask will make your skin instantly feel getting lifted and tight. Your blackheads will melt out and it evens out your skin tone as well. 

The vitamin c content in our Vit C Booster mask powder is great for a glowy face. And you will love experimenting with it ❤

Rose water is essential for your skin to keep the glow going. Regular use of this mask will make sure those pores stay tight as well.

Hope you enjoy free daily beauty tips.

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