Christmas will always be the busiest time of year. With parties, family gatherings and spending time, wrapping little presents. So no matter how tired we are, we must find few minutes to reward our skin with the favorite organic skincare products to make us look beautiful for nostalgic evenings.


Here are few tips to prepare yourself for Christmas:


Cleansing should remove makeup and dirt from your skin while adding burst of hydration, take any of your favorite cleanser and apply to your skin.

BEST CLEANSER : Cetalphil, Neutrogena, Clinique

Once your skin is clean, now is the time to exfoliate or apply a clay or peel-off mask.


Toning is super important as it removes grime that cleanser won't budge. It will instantly tighten your pores and help you restore your skin's pH level for a move even skin tone.


Serum are lightweight and contains high concentration of active ingredients. If you're trying to target a specific skincare issue like wrinkles or dry skin then it's best for you.


So eye creams can brighten the under eye areas, reduce any inflammation. Apply your eye cream with your fourth finger in tapping motion, as its the weakest finger, you won't tug or pull the delicate skin.

BEST EYE CREAM: Clinque smart custom under eye cream treatment, Dermalogics Stress Positive Eye lift. 


Hydrating skin is the most glowing skin, so never skip your moisturizer. The right moisturizer will hydrate, replenish and restore your skin's pH levels, nourish and repair any dry flaky skin. While choosing your moisturizer, remember the type of your skin, like if you have dry skin, use rich formula, oily skin or acne-prone, using gel formula will be your best friend.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you stick to this routine, your skin will probably become flawless. You'll be brave enough to go natural all time. Hurry up! Pick your favorite 'Vitamin C mask' from our list and enjoy! 

Thank you for reading 

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