Ok! So we have heard many ladies say how shaving makes their life so easy but is it really safe to use a razor on your face? Let's look into this a little deeper!

There are many benefits of shaving your face but surely there are some downsides to it as well, just like everything else! It can exfoliate your skin deeply, saves time to get rid of facial hair as well. If done the right way it can keep your acne away as well. The only downside is if you have thick dark hair, you might have to do it more often than just once a week. If you are patient enough for this then why not. Go ahead! Our Founder Esha actually loves using razors along with ipl lasers. She mentions she has been very hairy in the past and it would be hard for her to step out of the house. Things have changed ever since she became friends with lasers and razors! 

So now you know! It can actually be a great thing to do.

Cleansing and exfoliating your skin before you shave will help prevent ingrown hairs, unwanted razors burns etc. We suggest shaving and scrubbing is best done in the shower because "The heat from the steam softens the hairs and helps the hairs stand up as much as 30%, so they will be easier to cut off. 

If you are worried about acne forming then keep in mind if you use a good oil before shaving, it can soften the skin to make the job easy. It also helps the razor glide easy on your skin which means it does not directly rub off your skin. This will lead to reduction in acne and less irritation as well. Use a very good face wash after your shaved and you are good to go! 

It's safe to say, shaving is totally ok for your face. It can actually make your life easier and cause less stress. Threading and waxing pulls so much on your skin which we all dislike, right? It can cause more harm in the long run then using a safe, clean good old razor. It also exfoliates your skin naturally making it more neat and soft. If done the right way, you will have no harsh roots coming out at all!

Goodluck with your razors and take good care of your skin during the holiday season s the weather gets rough.