If you haven’t noticed lately, face mists are all the buzz. And they are becoming more popular for good reason. In fact, it’s rare to see a beauty guru go a whole YouTube video without spritzing something refreshing onto their faces. So what are face mists and why do you need a face spray?


Well the main ingredient of most face mist sprays is water! But not just any water, the base is usually a made from a hydrosol or a “flower” water. Hydrosols are made by distilling plants (flowers, herbs, fruits etc). You will find hydrosols made from all sorts of plants – grapefruit, aloe vera, green tea as well as popular flowers such as lavender, rose & jasmine. In addition, face mists may also have other ingredients and essential oils to nourish and protect skin.

Face mists are super hydrating

If you suffer with dry skin, then a face mist is your super-hydrating saviour. Say goodbye to dry patches after just a few sprays (without ruining your makeup).

If you suffer with oily skin, then you can use this to keep your skin naturally hydrated. If you let your skin dry out, it’ll produce more oil as a result. Instead, spritz your face throughout the day to combat that oil slick.

Mists feed your skin

A spray of a facial mist is not only super refreshing, but also it also incredibly nourishing for the skin. Infused with healthy, healing ingredients, a toning mist can reduce inflammation, tighten pores (and keep them clear, bonus!) and moisturise the skin.

Say goodbye to congested skin and pesky blackheads and say hello to hydrated and moisture infused, glowing skin!

Face mists can you give an instant buzz  

If you often find yourself start to flag and feel sluggish throughout the day, then a quick spritz of your favourite mist can act as a perfect pick-me-up and reset your mood. A few sprays can awaken your senses and make you feel alive again!face mist in your

We hope you enjoyed reading and will add a face mist in your skin routine.