How To Prevent And Control Sagging Skin

Even though we’re big believers in aging naturally and loving yourself as is (laugh lines show you’re living your best life after all) we also understand the struggle to keep unwanted wrinkles and premature aging at bay. Our makeup beat is too flawless to settle into fine lines so soon… So, if you’re someone who wants to stop skin laxity in its tracks, or simply get a proactive head start on your anti-aging skincare game, no judgment — we’re here to help.

Regular Retinol and to Use

One of the best ingredients to stimulate collagen is retinol, which is derived from vitamin A and improves skin health and overall appearance,since collagen and other essential structural proteins in the skin begin to decrease with age, you may want to consider adding this crucial ingredient into your skincare routine. Retinols act on specific receptors, or targets in the skin, which helps to promote more normal maturation of skin cells. They also promote collagen production and lots of other healthy processes in different layers of the skin to help your skin look and feel healthy, smooth and even in tone.

How does retinol work for acne, aging, and hyperpigmentation?

Acne: “Retinol isn’t an antibiotic, but what it does in acne is help the skin cells that line the pores to turnover more normally, which helps avoid clogged pores and this helps prevent the pimples and blackheads of acne. It works great with other acne treatments to help clear the skin, treat existing pimples and prevent new pimples. Speak to your doctor about a Retin-A prescription (Tretinoin), as this is the most effective form of retinoids for treating acne.

Sun damage/wrinkles:  “Retinols can help reduce sun damage effects in the skin. It helps make the deeper layers of the skin ‘thicker,’ boost collagen production, and it also blocks an enzyme called collagenase that’s triggered by the sun to breakdown collagen.

Fillers and Low-Level Lasers

Studies have even shown that consistent use stimulates collagen production and results in less of a need for them over time. Similarly, a low-level laser, like Clear + Brilliant can be used every 4-6 weeks to remove layers of dead and damaged skin, while stimulating collagen and new skin cell production.”

Sagging skin in one of the most common signs of aging, yet also the most difficult to hide. Until recently, the only option to fix it was with a facelift – both expensive and a slightly terrifying prospect! Finally, there’s a far less daunting and as effective method that doesn’t involve going under the knife, and literally takes less than an hour. 

What it does: The PDO Thread Lift is an easy way to smooth wrinkles and tighten sagging skin without going under the knife, and celebs are using this treatment for both their face and body. The results are like a facelift, even though the procedure usually takes less than an hour and there are no bruises. This treatment can also be used to tighten sagging skin on the body including the neck, décolletage, tummy, arms and legs.

Where to do it: The treatment can be used to tighten sagging skin almost anywhere on the body, including the neck, décolletage, tummy, arms, and legs, but it’s most effective on the neck and jawline.

Results: Results can be seen almost instantly. Optimal results are seen around six weeks after the procedure and depending on the type of threads used, results can last up to two years. The procedure can be repeated as needed.

We hope you enjoyed reading and found these remedies quite helpful and it will help you to get rid of saggy skin.