Feeling a little 'meaah' recently? Here are 10 things that can quickly help you raise your frequency and make you feel at your best again, just like  Diva that you are meant to be ❤

1. Think of all the good things that ever happened to you in life. Think of the things you did that made you proud of yourself. It will help raise self confidence instantly. 

2. Pick up the phone and call that one person that almost always make you instantly feel enlightened.

3. Grab a nail colour and paint your own nails. Its very therapeutic to paint nails, try!

4. Take a long bath with  bath bombs and fragrance oils. It instantly uplifts you mood and makes you feel like the diva that you are.

5. If you are a creative person, you will love changing your bed spread and pillow cases, it changes the whole vibe of your room 🎀

6. Lit some candles on your dining table today. Candles can be such a luxurious accessory in the house specially during fall 🔥

7. Switch on those heaters, slip into your silk night dress and have some hot chocolate. Enjoy some "me time" lady, you deserve it ❤

8. Brush your hair thoroughly. It promotes blood flow and makes you happier studies have shown.

9. If you have energy to beat, its best to hit the gym or go for a quick walk. There something magical about having a great body and burning calories daily. Its satisfying and ultimately gives you the shape that you desire to feel like a diva ❤

10. The best and last thing is; put some music on, dim the lights, take out your favorite book and roll in pyjamas with your fve face-mask on! You will enjoy this me-time the most!

Hope these 10 points make you feel uplifted today. What do you think could be added to these points?

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