If you have invested in a good set of makeup brush, you gotta wash those tools every now and then as well. Some say they wash them every week, some are a little lazy in this department & do once a month! Which one are you??🤔


We figure the best way to wash your brushes is to fill the sink with warm water, add your fave hand wash and let them sit in the sink for 2-3 minutes. Do other things while the dirt from the bristles melts off.

It makes it easier to do the next step quickly. Nobody wants to spend hours rubbing cold brushes against rough surface.

After 2-3 minutes take a sponge in one hand and rub each brush against the surface. Use more soap if required. This method takes the dirt off quicker.

Make sure you don't leave your brush set soaking in the water for too long. This might also loosen the glue with which the metal holds the bristles together, its called the ferrule. It it loosens, your brushes will start shedding.

At last; place your washed brushes on a flat layed out towel. Roll one side up and place your brushes on it with the brush-side pointed downwards. To ensure the ferrule stays dry and safe ❤

If you are careful about your brushes and wash them the right way, you increase their longevitity. Some brushes can last your for years if taken care of 💕

Try this method girl friend and let us know how you wash your brushes 🎀