Ever bought new shoes right before a party- now you want to wear them but haven't broken into them yet. Those pumps are definitely gonna hurt your feet all night, so hurry and follow the simple steps..

New shoes tend to be very hard and so rub against your feet resulting in soar feet and blisters. Here are a few quick tips you can follow to prepare your new pair of heels to be worn just before the event!

Grab your hairdryer

Turn on your hair dryer and blast the shoes for a minute or two. It will make your shoes soft and warm. Now wear thee shoes and walk in them for a few minutes. Once the shoes feel cold again, grab your hair dryer again and blast!

Wear the babies and walk again. This will very easily make your heels soft and wearable for the night. 

It's the quickest and best way to mold the shoes to fit your feet perfectly that won't pinch or rub against your skin.

Enjoy your evening in your new shoes without getting hurt girls!