Before you try to scrub your blackheads away, get to know what they actually are. Forcing your blackheads away manually can be very harsh for your skin. So try these simple tips to get better results for this process!

 Blackheads are a mix of dead skin mixed with oils that are sitting in between your pores. Usually these are found around the nose, chin area and the forehead. It can be the most annoying scenario where when you try to squeeze one out, and there are a 100 more to deal with. 

Invest in a good salicylic acid gel. Apply a little amount of the gel to your skin where you see blackheads. Salicylic acid dissolves the blackheads. The longer the gel is exposed to the skin the better it works to dissolve the blackheads. Be patient with the process. It takes a few days to see a great difference, and the difference will be a long lasting one.  

In a few weeks time you will see many blackheads just disappearing and some get loose and it becomes easy to squeeze them out with very less force. Also to get even faster results, use a cleansing brush. Clarisonic it is! Use the brush to deep cleanse twice a week, using it daily might give you acne problems. Excessive cleansing can take away the moisture of your skin and make it look dry and dead, so never over do it!

All the best and make sure to invest in good face masks and scrubs. Some of which you can get here at which can also help with the process!