Avocaodes are knowwn to be healthy fats. If you are on a journey of weight loss, then this could be good-fats for you. Not just that, there are so many benefits of avocados for your skin as well. Combined with cucumbers, tomatoes and olive oil, this is a perfect salad you should eat as often as you can to ensure you consume all the essential vitamins and nutrients your skin and hair need to Glow!


Feta Cheese - Avocados - Onions - Cucumber 

Carrots - Capsicum - tomatoes - Sweet Corns 

To prepare this salad, chop all things into cubes in a large bowl. There is really no ratio of the ingredients, you can add whatever you have, as much greenery as you like. Mix everything together and use a healthy dressing.

Remember its always the dressings that add extra calories to your sandwiches or salads. So better go with a very light dressing.

Ideal dressing is the one which is made of a little acid and olive oil because in the presence of this in your body, you get the maximum benefits of the salad.

How to prepare this dressing is very easy. Mix 3 spoons of olive oil with 1 spoon lemon and 1 spoon white vinegar. At last add salt and pepper and voilah!

This is the best dressing for any salad. Its light, no extra calories or carbs and healthier then any ready-made pastes you buy from the market. Not to mention it tastes the best also!