We’ve all had those mornings when it seems like nothing is going your way. Maybe you hit snooze one too many times, which then meant you had approximately seven minutes to get ready or your winged liner just was all over the place. So here are best ideas to make your day beautiful. 


Try not to hit snooze

We know it’s a whole lot easier than it sounds, but try to wake up with your first alarm rather than hitting snooze. If you hit snooze, you risk reentering a whole new sleep cycle (we sleep in 90-minute cycles), so you’re more likely to feel sleepy and groggy throughout the day. 

Get your metabolism off to a good start

Lemon is basically an amazing detoxifier that will help cleanse your digestive system so that your liver can eliminate waste more efficiently. It’ll also boost lymphatic drainage, helping to banish any puffiness around the eyes and other toxins from your body and your skin.

Practice gratitude

It’s also been shown to improve your physical health as people who practice gratitude are more likely to exercise more regularly and have frequent health checkups. So, while you’re enjoying your cup of hot lemon water or showering, think of three things you’re grateful for; it can be anything from having the water in your cup to a loving partner, an exciting day ahead, or even just a good night’s sleep.

Do a Sun Salutation

Even if you don’t have time for a full hour of exercise in the morning, a great way to energize your mind and body in under 10 minutes is by doing a quick sun salutation. Don’t worry, even if you’re not an experienced Yogi, it’s really quick and easy to do, and you can switch it up the more you practice.


Meditation is great for relaxation but meditating in the morning can have a seriously positive impact on your day. Not only have studies shown that it reduces anxiety and helps you to de-stress, a recent study has shown that it also increases your attention span so that you’re more productive throughout the day

We hope you enjoyed reading and will try these amazing tips.