If you are worried about too much blemishes appearing on your face, there is something very simple you can do at home. Do this from today and it shall help your blemishes go away sooner then you think. 

Blemishes are little impurities that appear on your skin as age spots, pimple marks or uneven skin tone. Here is a DIY mask you can prepare at home and use twice a week to make sure your blemishes start disappearing slowly but surely. 


1 Spoon Tomato juice

1 Spoon Potato juice

1 Spoon Honey

Mix up everything and apply the liquid mix to your face. Not only will this mask give you a boost of moisture but it will also take care of pores & blackheads. At the same time it will lighten the appearance of blemishes. The enzyme in the potato work very well on blemishes and spots whether its age spots or sun spots. The tomatoes even out the skin while making your white heads and blackheads disappear over a period of time.

You can use this mask twice a week and leave it on for 15 minutes every time. With regular use you will see a huge difference.