In her recent live session on youtube, Lady Esha talked about the correct way of applying moisturizer and also how important it is to never skip one!

Let's repeat and summarise the whole session for those of you who missed.

1) ''Moisturisers and facial oils are 2 separate things. You CANT substitute one for the other. What you have to do instead is use them both alongside each other'

Facial oils glide on your skin and make your skin appear glowy, extremely soft and smooth. Facials oils cant do anything more then that, it does not hydrate or lock in moisture. IT just works on the surface tio make it smooth, that's all. Moisturisers on the other hand get into your skin and help lock in moisture and natural oils that your skin needs to repair itself' and to also stay hydrated throughout the day''.

Here is a list of best facial oils:


2) It is good to use moisturisers and facial oils together specially at pm. In the morning however your skin not only needs a moisturiser but also a good sunblock to keep sun damage at bay. Invest in a good spf lotion so you can re apply during the day. Lotions are lightweight and do not give you extreme white film on your skin. If you have makeup on during the day, just apply a lotion which has spf in it. This way you don't get any white film or greasy-ness and you will still have protection. Also don't forget to apply sunblock to your neck and hands as well because these age faster than your face itself. 

Here is a list of best sunblocks:

List of best lotions with spf:


3) People nowadays are very keen to use Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel. It is an amazing product but please remember it is NOT a hydrating moisturiser cream therefore it cannot lock in moisture like a normal moisturiser would.

The best way to use this gel is to apply it on wet skin after cleansing, and then straight away apply your moisturiser on top. When you use hydro boost gel under a moisturiser, you will feel such a difference in your skin within no time. It will not only plump and freshen up your skin but your fine lines will appear more softer and your skin will feel more healthy.

A list of best moisturizers:


A List of best face gels:


4) Another thing to remember is to never use a towel on your skin. No matter how clean you think your towel is. Not only does it make your pores worse but it also takes away natural oils from the surface of your skin. Once yous skin is freshly washed, its in a very delicate zone and that is why you should never use towels or tissues on your skin. And if you have to apply your moisturising creams on wet face anyway then why even dry your skin at all with a towel?

Whether you apply facial gel creams or hydrating creams, they should be applied to wet skin to get maximum results of the product. Wet skin will absorb the cream like a sponge and keep the moisture locked and that's the correct way of applying creams. 


5) Another point you should note down is that sunblock will not only keep further sun damage away but also reduce the damage you have already done to your skin. Apply your sunblocks few times throughout the day (yes, even if you are indoor). And if you start incorporating sunblock also in your night time routine, you will see a tremendous change in your skin. It will improve a lot within days and you will love it.


6) For people with oily skin: Do not for a minute think that because your skin is oily you don't need facial oils or moisturizers. You actually need exactly as much creams as any other person does. If you stop applying creams because you have oily skin, automatically your skin will start producing even more oils. you will be stuck in this cycle for a long time so keep applying oils and serums and creams as per normal. If it gets worse through the day, keep a compact case with you and pat some powder with spf to your skin. This way you will keep getting a dose of spf throughout the day as well as powder will help calm down the oils for sometime.

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