The curls, the updos, the braids, we love it all! But the one thing that no hairdo looks good without is flawless color. And let’s be real, it’s not always the easiest thing to achieve and it can be super expensive to do properly! If you’re taking a trip to the salon anytime soon, you need to know these coloring rules.

The secret to enhanced hair color: 

Prep is key! Color shows most effectively on hair that’s in good condition. Getting shine and glossiness on colored hair that’s over-styled and damaged is near impossible, so invest in high-quality products to prepare your hair at home.

 DIY: Coconut is truly enriching and moisturizing and therefore the perfect natural solution for those with dry hair and scalps. For optimum results, I’d apply this to damp hair at night and then wash out with shampoo the following morning.

How to make your color last longer:

It’s true, excessive washing and styling speed up color fade, and so does spending time in the sun! To increase the longevity of your color choose sulfate-free products, as sulfates tend to strip color from treated hair. Professional products contain higher amounts of active ingredients to improve the quality of the hair and therefore retain color more effectively.

Balayage, highlights, and lowlights 

Highlights: Anything lighter than your natural color

Lowlights: Anything darker than your natural color.

The difference between highlights, lowlights, and balayage: It’s all in the technique! Highlights and lowlights are contained in foil, whereas the balayage is painted directly onto the hair. For someone new to the world of color we always recommend balayage, as it retains a lot of the hair’s natural color at the root so you can try lighter looks with less commitment – it looks more natural and it’s easier to maintain. 

Skin Test

It could potentially save you from many hair related horrors! If you’re a regular to coloring, even if you’re only opting for a very minimal shade change, you could react to the altered formula, so it’s always best to address this safely.

We hope you enjoyed reading and will remember these tips before rushing to the salon.