6 Ways To Keep Your Oily Skin In Check This Summer

We love the summer, but it’s not our best friend – the heat does things to our skin that messes with our cake face, so come lunch time, we’re a hot shiny mess. Well, fear the oil slick no longer, here are nine ways to keep your skin under control this summer. Though us oily skinned girls may strive for the dewy look that all top models seem to rock so effortlessly, it’s usually a look we can only pin down for about an hour… and then it’s oil alert time.

Don’t Over Cleanse

The more oil we see, the more we feel like we need to wash our face. Unfortunately, washing your face doesn’t mean you will wash away oil – if only it were that easy! The thing is your face has natural oils, and when they get stripped away by harsh chemicals in face washes, your skin goes into overdrive and produces more.

Put Down the Ice Cream

It’s summer, you’re hot, and you want an ice cream, but the truth is dairy can cause a major unbalance in your hormones… and we all know what hormones can do! Dairy milk is full of hormones, and when you consume it, it causes all your other hormones to rise, including your testosterone and progesterone levels, which are the main causes of excess oil and sebum production. 

Use a Mattifying Primer

Use a mattifying primer to avoid the dreaded mid-day foundation cake. It makes your skin incredibly smooth, poreless and silky and it’ll keep your makeup set in place all day, all while warding away any hint of oil. Look out for primers with silica in them, as this plays a major role in diminishing shine.

Blot Oil Away With Blotting Paper

If you’re not yet aware of this trick, blotting paper will become your best friend through the day. Plus, in the midst of summer, we’re all prone to a little extra oil on our T-zone, so mini blotting paper sheets are the easiest thing to carry around in your purse to keep your skin shine-free through the day.

 Try a Clay Mask

A clay mask at least once a week is an amazing way to draw out excess oil, calm and soothe your skin. When it comes to keeping your oily skin at bay, the main thing to remember is not to rush to drastic measures. Take small steps to cut back on naughty foods, balance your diet, and find products that will help your skin.


So actually, keeping your skin hydrated in the summer will help to combat excess oil production. Try an oil-free moisturizer, which will hydrate without adding oil, and always leave about ten minutes for it to soak into your skin before you apply primer or foundation.

We hope you enjoyed reading and will try these tricks for healthy, glowing and oil free skin. 

Love 👄