Every January, we set ourselves these crazy goals for coming year. Yes, it would be seriously lit if we ran a marathon, or lost 50 pounds, let's be real most of the time these goals are so unachievable. So, when this December 2018 ends people will ask you how are you so fresh, you'll remember us!

Have a DIY day

So, schedule a weekly DIY days for skin and hair are getting the attention and vitamins they need. Weekends are amazing to enjoy DIYs, to start fresh day.

Start the year with right SKINCARE

We all love keeping skin healthy and glowing with the correct three steps - cleanse, tone and moisturize  But every regime becomes ineffective if it's towards your skin needs, so make sure you know your skin type 

Drink more water 

We know it seems like chores, but honestly  if you want a flawless skin, you need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. If you're not drinking enough water, then start from today  you'll notice a huge difference on your skin, hair and body.

Remove makeup before bed

This is one of bestest regime for any beauty. Your skin needs time to breathe. Night time is the bestest time when your skin repairs itself. Now matter how exhausted you are cleansing your face with chemicals, dust and grime that settles on your face and clog pores.

Sweat it out

Agreed that winters can be chilly and make you want to never leave your bed. So, work out for 30 minutes power walk or jog at least thrice a week or daily yoga to improve beauty benefits.

I hope you enjoyed reading and as new year starts you'll keep them resolutions in mind and stay healthy and beautiful.