So often we associate feeling sexy with a special someone, and consequently, people forget how invigorating the actual emotion and feeling can be. In fact, feeling sexy for yourself is often more empowering and more exhilarating. 

1. Spritz your favorite fragrance

A quick spritz of perfume can be so invigorating and is scientifically proven to awaken your sensual side. Scents stimulate nerve endings at the back of your nose, which ignites the limbic system – the area of our brain that’s responsible for our behavior and emotions.

2.  Try something new

Our daily routine can get so hectic; rushing in between, work, friends, and family that we forget to schedule in time for new activities. So often socializing revolves around catching up with our squad and discussing daily dramz, which can actually be pretty draining.

3.Practice self-love

The practice of self-love and self-appreciation is so simple yet SO powerful. There are tons of studies that show how it increases positivity and makes you a happier, more confident person, and what’s sexier than confidence? In a recent study by Psychology Today, self-love was said to improve productivity, strength, and decrease depression.

4. Have a pamper session

Engaging in a sensory experience (other than the obvious) can be extremely empowering, and can make you feel sexy AF. By taking the time to appreciate your own sense of touch, you’ll begin to feel more in tune and more at ease with your body. Plus, it can be a great addition to a pampering session or after a bath.

5. Have some ME time

Whenever we’re feeling sluggish, we like to schedule in some serious TLC. Put on some vibey music (basically anything Beyoncé), and take some time to make yourself feel sexy, with only yourself in mind. It’s also believed that people who are more comfortable in the nude have better body image.

We hope you enjoyed reading and will try these tips to make you feel SEXY! Also let us know what makes you feel sexy in the comments below.