5 Life-changing hacks you should do everyday

We're always so busy, that sometimes we forget what's most important is ourselves! Taking time to refocus your energy and rebuild and strengthen your mental wellness on daily basis is SO important. So we have complied a list of daily thoughts. Over-time these hacks will make you feel happier and more positive person.



Whenever we meet our friends, we immediately try to boost their energy and confidence. But when its us in the same situation, giving ourselves the same compassionate boost, we fill our minds with self-doubts. So before you feel low and unhappy, speak to yourself a loud. Speaking aloud has actually proven that it helps you focus on improving your memory, your mindset and your athletic performance. Verbal self encouragement will also help break the cycle of negativity, when our brains get stuck on negative emotions, causing us to repeat unfulfilled thoughts. Remember words are more powerful and have a profound effects.


Taking the time each day ti give someone a compliment and have SUCH positive impact! The brain reacts in the same way when someone receives cash to when someone receives a compliment. You are creating a circle that breeds positive and good vibes. Compliments make great leader, as you are generating confidence and constructive attitude. Always remember to look into people's eyes with a smile  and this will let them know you're sincere.


The practice of gratitude (means stating what you are thankful for) may seem simple, but it can have extremely beneficial implicate on tour state of mind and self worth. It reduces depression and increase happiness it improves self-esteem. So when you have a morning cup of tea or coffee think of three things you are thankful for. It can be anything, good manners your mother taught you, lucky to have a best friend or be thankful to have another morning.


We know it may sound silly, smiling will instantly make you feel happier and create a positive aura around you which others will warm too. Even if you are not feeling your best smile, smiling triggers endorphins, dopamine and serotonin (happiness hormones) to be released from your brain, will turn and boost your mood. 

We hope you enjoyed reading and will definitely focus on these life changing hacks to make you more happier and positive personality.

Love 👄